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Class 10






Organic Chemistry


Complete the following table w...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students today's given question years they have said complete the following table which relates to the formula of the series of Hydrocarbons they are given general for now they are asked to final IUPAC name of the homeless and also characteristic Bond type and they have said to find IUPAC name of the first number of the series species the first one that is they have given cnh2n -2 I want to know the type of molecular take any random number example if it take for a n equals to 2 then what will be the molecular tc-22 into two Minds to that will be HD try to write its contents from there to

see another hydrogen here and there will be on hydrogen carbon contains 413 there Railway Thiruvanmiyur we can clearly see you this isn't anything that is it is a all kind from this we can say that this is a series of all kinds of alkynes now there are characteristic board vacancy general there always be 1111 to the characteristic Bond type unsaturated when we will say that it is only the carbon surrounding is only with single malt there is it it is unsaturated all games will be

unsaturated and contains at least one thiruva rebel bond is remember at least it may contain more than one but at least you should contain 1111 and then they ask you should find the first member that is in which she was a generally we try with from any cause 21 for this special alkynes if you put in equal to 1 then what will happen even to -2 that is as will be in this Jyada contain hydrogen how we can say this is a draw Karbonn so does not exist for any culture but that is called and alkynes the first member

custom any cost to that is already direct what we get eaten the answer of the show is ok and then what is the second one second formalize cnh2n plus two AP put any Court 22222222 h6t its condenser for then under ka hai Karbonn it is well contain hydrogen there will be 300 so we can clearly se

dated and disc and in all only single mode season within that is we can say the general form is alkanes alkenes and option d will be what will be the answer option d alkanes and now it's all for the catalyst bone is it can see all our Singh and this is saturated or unsaturated didn't want to write any other like single one because if you mean saturated it means that directly or having only single bond Bond will be saturated type and last one is the first member of the series that is per year

so when we put any is equals to 1 we get even H2 + 234 Reena Ch permit is contained one carbon myth and an alkane show in f major we have find all the answer 10th students

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - ICSE Class 10 CHEMISTRY

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