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Complete the following reactio...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone let's start the question the questionnaire states that complete the following reactions and here we have been given 3 reaction so we have to complete all these three reaction right and find out X Y and Z for all these three reactions write Select start with the very first reaction now in the first reaction let me right down it is given to us that C2 h5 I which is iodoethane when it reacts with H2 in the presence of zinc copper right then and ethanol as a solvent what product will be formed no in this reaction can clearly see here we have iodomethane right and when it reacts with hydrogen in presence of zinc copper then it is a reduction reaction taking place right to in this reduction reaction what will be eliminated h i will get eliminated

and it will result in formation of alkane having same number of carbon atoms right to the proton form here will be what the product formed because the hydrogenation reaction h i will be removed and we will be getting C2 H6 right so this is our X product for first reaction rights to this is our first reaction no let's move on to the second reaction that we have in the second reaction we have ch3coona reacting with H2O and it is an electrolysis reaction taking place right so when electrolysis takes place of sodium salt hair right sodium ethanoate it is and when it reacts with water electrolysis reaction it takes place so the product form here will be what the product formed there will be that it will result in Digha

relation reaction socio 2lb hair removed and it will result in formation of corresponding alkane having same number of carbon atoms total result information of SP2 x64 and right so what is the name of this reactions to the name of this reaction is let me right down to this is your always reaction write this one is yours always electrolysis reaction here taking place non kolbe's electrolysis reaction sodium or potassium salt of acid is taken right and when its electrolysis is done then it results in formation of even number of and at anode is this alkane is formed where we know that in electrolysis process we have a node and cathode to the alkane will be formed Always At anode rights to this one is a kolbe's electrolysis reaction no let's move on to the third

reaction which is given to us so the third reaction that we have here is we have CH3 we have a normal hexane so what do we have here CH3 ch2 ch2 ch2 write ch2 and CH3 rights abuses your normal hexane and when this normal hacks and let me right down when this normal hexane it undergoes reaction with the cr2 O3 Al to O3 know what is CR 23 it is chromium trioxide and Aluminium oxide here at a very high temperature of 773 K rights in this reaction what do we observe is that the hydrogenation takes place write the hydrogenation of this normal hexane will take place because if you see the reaction conditions there are extreme we have here

reagents also and we have a very high temperature which is 773 to this normal X Ray in here will undergo cyclization so I will write down that it will undergo cyclization right and when it will undergo cyclization then it will aromatize rights I will write down it will aromatize and it will form which product it will aromatized to form benzene here right to the product there will be what the product from here will bc66 right out of the following options let's look what are correct option will be so the correct option will be option number 1 write this one is your product will let me right on this is your Z product from there and this is your wife product and perform their exoplayer got all the products share xy&z right out of the following of

which option matches the correct answer option number one hair matches the correct answers option number one is answer to the question thanks

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