Classify the following reactions as Direct combination, Decomposition, Displacement, Precipitation and Neutralization. <br> `Na_2SO_4 + Pb(NO_3)_2 to PbSO_4 + 2NaNO_3`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Displacement reaction (double displacement)


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11 letter solve the question the question se started classify the following reactions as direct combination decomposition displacement precipitation and utilisation any 2 S o4 + pbno3 twice gives pbso4 plus two nan3 so Hare reaction cats with pbno32 wise which is Lead Nitrate so there is formation of pbso4 that is lead sulphate and to nano3 that is Sodium nitrate I have to classify this reaction and few options are given direct combination decomposition displacement precipitation and utilisation and what is happening here sodium is displacing the lead from Lead Nitrate and sulphate ion

displacing Ne nitrate and actions in which the ions of both the compound exchange their places such reaction is known as double displacement reaction and if only one element is displacing the other than it is single displacement reaction is happening here here there any 2 S o4 and PB no3 twice exchange there and their ions to form to form pbso4 that is lead sulphate and nano3 that is Sodium nitrate which type of reaction in which both the

compounds exchange their clients to form 22 new different product Sach reaction is double displacement double displacement reaction to hear the answer will be displacement or specifically we can say double displacement also one another thing is happening in this reaction we are getting lead sulphate so during the reaction we get white precipitate of lead sulphate and such reactions in which precipitate of a compound are formed such reaction are known as precipitation reaction so hair white

precipitate o lead sulphate is formed so it is also so it is also a precipitation reaction precipitation reaction write the answer of the question will be Bewafa answer is displacement specifically we can say double displacement double displacement and precipitation precipitation

reaction to this is the answer thank you

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