Classify each of the following as being either a p-type or an n-type semiconductor
a. Ge doped with In
b. B doped with Si


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

group 14 elements
group 15 elements
group 13 elements
group 18 elements
The correct Answer is C


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hello the question is that classify which of the following has been directly type or and type send kar ok so first which is given at Germany improved with n and S is brown double ok sunao CBC test what is P type and n type and P type semiconductor is that semiconductor in which conductivity is due to Who is behind 840 charge so that's why from positive charge and that's why it is known as Peter ok now second is that and type s n type semiconductor the conductivity which is due to electron because electrons is of negative nature that's why it is known as ok sunao first option which is given that Germany Germany from which group it from group voting and anyone is from which group it is now
group ok Suno when Germanium is doped with minimum suppose there are many Germanium attached at one end fixed so what will happen that because 1st electrons in its outermost shell that's why what happened here there will be an electron in it so that there will be due to that there will be whole created and you to hold conductivity happen so because the conductivity is happening due to ful that it will be known as P type ok now second option which is given that s question like Boron Silicon bronze from 2 13 and silk and its show group photo Suno buddhiman many atoms are there in one silicon is there
one Telecom what happened here because silicone strong group 14 that's why it has one more electron one more electron in a OK so there will be an excess of electron ok sunao Jhooth pictures of Clayton conductivity and because connectivity is 22 electrons that's why it will not and type semiconductor ok aur first answer Bhi Nahin M and S alphabet me and time ok so this answer the question thank you

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