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Chloride of which element will...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D
Solution : `CoCl_(2)` is pink in colour

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hello student the question is chloride of which element will be coloured we have 4 option silver Mercury zinc and covid first of all we are thinking about the chloride form of this element and the chloride form of silver cost will be because it have Lakshman valency so if you observe the condition of silver the electronic configuration of silver is krypton complete Poorna 581 this compound silver will be in easyplus form so it will be converted into krypton complete so there are no free electrons actually all the game

around the free electrons if the electrons will be present in element it will be showing coloured compound so there are no colour because silver have no free electrons see the second one of mercury mercury will be create a hgcl2 compound because Mercury have plus two valency so what is the electronic configuration of Mercury first so electronic configuration of Mercury will be Junoon complete 5 D 10 and 6s 21 thing here Mercury will be in a plus to form so its electronic configuration after that convert akin to Junoon complete 5 D 10

30 Vidyut zn zinc will be prepared zncl2 because its valency will be plus two zncl2 and what is the electronic configuration of zn CU zn have organ complete organ complete 3D 10 incomplete cd10 and fore as 2 but observe one thing zinc will be in a plus two form in this compound so zn will be prepared organ complete 3D 10 in its plus two form so it have also no

free electrons Mercury no free electrons and silver 9 April so we're going on the fourth option that is forward biased have a variation variable Oxidation State so it will be prepared cocl3 type of compound cocl3 compound interest compound Cobalt will be create plus 3 condition with Cobalt will create a plus 3 condition first of all we have observed the electronic configuration of the core B and a basic form in a ground for all in the ground state it is organ complete 3D 7 and forest to because its atomic number is 27 now I think about that was you three plus if you are thinking about the co3 plus even CU 2 + also co3 + 8 will create argan complete

3 electrons will be free so 40 and 3D will be converted into sixth form and we all know that in a d orbital there are five blocks electron will be arranged in this phone 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 but there are 4 free electrons single electrons and that is a responsible for the coloured come so the correct answer is covid the correct answer is


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