Changes in the properties of elements occurs on moving top to bottom in a group of the periodic table. Discuss the trend of electronegativity along the group.


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question is the properties of elements power on moving from top to bottom in the group of the periodic table is correct as a longer period of Olympic group my changes in the properties of elements take place ok to be up to discuss the trend of electronegativity along the group ok to understand the term electronegativity actually mean electro negativity ok so I want to define electronegative than the tendency of an element
attract a electron-electron to word Intel ok electronegativity tendency of the element which is covalent bond with the other tractor she appeared of electron understand conduct by example to I am taking example of HCL Binu in HCL the type of covalent bonding in HCL
my CRP reflect on what happens if more than two negative than hydrogen da flag don't to work it tells it like it to work itself so what happens due to this attraction of creation of Asian charges over the atoms take place like this attracting the fear of electrons to work itself it will be negative chat and hydrogen electron attaining their positive charge over over so we can say that partial ionic character is generated in the covalent molecule
Hindi pack that covalent molecule also carry some sort of ionic character within themselves OK it is electronegative that we can ship generate the ionic character in the covalent compounds on the basis of electronegativity pencil categorise power compound whether it is 100% covalent or 50% wool 50% ionic 100% and it depends over the electronegativity value not getting into that much of the day because it's not required in the question we understand the thing which I am writing here electronegativity
inversely proportional to the atomic radii distant we have to understand that why there is inverse relationship between electronegativity and am listen at increases down the group to ok atomic structure what kind of forces acting on proton and electron Olympic forces of electrostatic forces acting on it is basically follow Inverse Square Law that means that the strength of force is inversely proportional to the square of the
atomic radii small then the forces of attraction will be more dominant ok electronegativity is due to the attraction of a reflected by the atom attraction in the cord only by the proton electron will not accept the sphere of electron ok because you to Electronic Naples Italy is exciting to see a flat sell at small then we can say that the proton electron because the post is part of Apollo Inverse Square Law electronegativity University portion to the atomic radius to you later
electronegativity along the group what happened my atomic radii is what you want to stick increased by increasing call on moving from down the group basically extra principal controversial typing edit title example in period I have one cell in second period in third period from one place to another consecutive addition of Shell which I am dating
admit increase in number of principal quantum shell due to which increases and we have that electronegativity and am Ti conversation between them to my electronegativity increases along the group pallonji group that I have made myself clear thanks for watching have a nice day

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