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Class 12






Alkyl And Aryl Halide


CH_(3)CH_(2)CHCl_(2) overset(A...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Answer : `CH_(3)-CH_(2)-CHO`

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hello everyone here is just a reaction is given and we need to find the product of the reaction is of geminal dihalide everything that was speaking to tell about the product of first of all we all know that in the presence of Aqua Aqua what will happen substitution reaction of fusion reaction occurs and nucleophile first point is second point nucleophile is OS - ok ionic compound which associate In 2k Plus and minus and ke this is -1 actors who played file and substitute the halide ions 16 sea water how the reaction will proceed hair CH3 ch2 ch2

sorry star ch2 ch2 CL geminal dihalide what it will for metal from this CH3 ch2 ch2 CL get remove one mole of N2 react with atmosphere at when react with this compound 1cl get substituted with ok and the others and will remain intact no further than this project was at first the other CL will also get substituted with sorry - OK so the products final product 20 CH3 ch2 ch2 ch2 ch2 crops

aur I can say to Hydroxide come on the same carbon is very unsafe elimination of water actors like this animation of water occurs and it will form a carbon and compound which is your elder CH3 ch2 C double bond of this is your final product this is your final product and your answer ok thank you

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