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Class 12






Nta Jee Mock Test 22



`CH_(3)-underset(O)underset(||)C-CH=CH-CH_(3)overset(HBr)rarr` <br> find the major product

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`CH_(3)-underset(O)underset(||)C-CH_(2)-underset(Br)underset(|)CH-CH_(3)``CH_(3)-underset(O)underset(||)C-underset(Br)underset(|)CH-CH_(2)-CH_(3)``CH_(3)-overset(Br)overset(|)underset(OH)underset(|)C-CH=CH-CH_(3)`none of these

Answer : A


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hello shooting the question as we have gotten this reactant year and it reacts with HBR find the major product of these are the options given to a solid start the discussion Sabhi consider general alkene present year C double bond c and it is going to react with HBR then what happens is this in this HB I want this bromine is electronegative and negative charge and the hydrogen is partial positive with this double bond will attract this hydrogen air and this Bromide and will be now what happens if this carbon CH3 group this age group is attached to this Karbonn Karbonn Karbonn K time posted this Bromide and will come in at this book and will be performing the product which will be ch2br ncsc to this will be the product of this reaction can still it is the most important thing here so let's discuss the reaction that is given to a this is the reaction that is given to us

in this week and see if there are two bones bones and Ch Ch 1 so the attacking so CC what will be attacking here I see you want is very hard to clean and the bond dissociation energy of this will be very so CC Bond will be cleaved year so what happens as a word is this woman is electronegative Suite 211 will come and attack here and this BF Bromide and when we know there are two possibilities of carbon content to be formed as this one is the first possibility and the second possibility is that will be discussing both of these to the first ch3coo Ch positive and the hydrogen group has attached to these positions within with this to consider this as first car booked and and the second ka book and that will be formed with ch3cho ch2 Ch along with the

ch3mistry beauty of this answer is very important in the first one we can see this that this you want is Polar that has negative charge and this carbon is a partial positive charge as this is already electron deficient and electron deficient carbon atom is attached to this site will be highly unstable and we can see this ka book it and it is stabilized by these carbon atoms present to this this is a secondary ka booklet and it is also stabilized by these two carbon atoms present in this way it will be stable and this will only be stable at this position ch2 Ch and Ch 3 this is the major product knowledge see the options send the first option we can see this that this card can be performed here at this position

will be stabilized by two carbon atoms by inductive effect so this is the major product year in this we can see the car booked and which is this table is so here you mean I will attack case this is not the stable product this won't be happening and UKG see you want is read as you want would be cleaved this is the answer thank you


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