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Class 11






Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure


Carbon atom possesses only two...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students welcome to doubt Sinha first quality of the question that has been given to us to the president says that carbon atom versus only two unpaired electron how is it possible to show Chitra covalency now poster for let's try and understand the question question says that the carbon has only two unpaired electron then how it is possible that carbon shows tetravalency tetravalency tetravalence rate so as we know that carbon atom is a tetravalent bright and understand it question in therapy how we can solve this mystery to Karbonn as we know that it has atomic number 6 write any three if you have to write the normal electronic configuration then it will be to come up but three other electronic configuration that we have it is spdf so I can write

one s222 and then we have to be to right now if we have to draw the diagram the electron diagram then I can draw something like this SS and copy aur bye till now we have two electrons to fill feel like this and we can you can drive like this as we can see here in the P orbital we have to unpaired electron right to an electron is something the question is also saying so this is this is the state where we can say that the court should only be

making to born but this is something that we call them in this state of carbon is called as right to in ground state only two Bond could be or can be formed by carbon only to born can be formed it can be formed in the ground state now if we have to understand the covalency then the concept of excited state is to be understood right so here I can write down here the concept of Kaun excited state come Titan state come

into picture so what happens in excited state and excited state the electron configuration that right and right will be 128 was to S2 but not too as one day electrons write will be just will stick to the orbital and nitro become 23 write any five how to draw the electron diagram for this for this last to write and Dr B B have one two and three and can be filled like this one here and here and now a

right now all of them on a so now we have four unpaired electrons write four unpaired electrons that we have it is understood then we could say that now we could say in we could not say we could not understand stand that carbon that carbon photo right not eligible for the

valency which 4 covalent bonds with other atoms hydrogen and the other elements and the property of carbon property property of carbon carbon is called Tamil I can see that in ground state of carbon has only to configure electron but when the excited state comes into picture bf orbital electrons just be just happen to the P orbital and not as a

result we get 4 unpaired electrons right so here we have for a electrons in carbon has four and as a result it can form at conform polar covalent bonds with other atom in this particular property is called you understand thank you

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