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Can we measure the absolute va...

Can we measure the absolute value of internal enegry?

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello students welcome to doubtnut latest look at the question that has been given to us so the question here after that can we measure the absolute value of internal energy now movie answer this question latest fine understand that what exactly the internal energy is internal energy is associated with the randomness or disordered motion of the molecule right to it is the measure I like like this it is the measure of the randomness ok aur disordered motion of the molecule now whenever we talk about you know the motion of the molecule the also talk about kinetic energy right and some sort of potential energy also so internal energy is basically the sum of

I can say kinetic energy and potential energy of the molecules rate this is how we try and understand internal energy in a very very simple way but before we answer a question we also should know that what exactly does cantik sorry internal energy is composed of right to internal energy internal energy is no or is composed of LimeLight all the UNO energy is which is which is no on hold makes internal energy thermoset one is translational translational energy of molecule should be calculated in a class of we need to calculate rotational energy

also molecules tend to rotate ok so we need to calculate that also then vibration everyday vibrate to the moon at the mean position right so vibrational energy we also need to calculate the intermolecular energies that we have some sort of inter-molecular traction to that energy also we need to calculate and there are also energies which are you know we need to calculate the potential energy it also some sort of we have different sort of energy is also which are associated Sobi if you want to calculate the internal energy of a system so as to calculate all these energies that we have you know written here for each and every Malik now what

happens that this is impossible to determine weight because of a reason that these you know to calculate these energies we need to go to the microscopic level right because these particles are microscopic right and to calculate the absolute value of it is impossible ok so let me write it down so it is not possible this is the answer to all questions is not possible to determine the absolute value Ok why because the above energies you know are microscopic energies of the molecule to above energies I can write like this call because

the above energy are microscopic energy microscopic micro ko pic energy and you know calculating these energies is almost impossible for in the science that we have right now only the change in internal energy from one state to another can be determined but not the absolute one ok because these energies are microscopic and getting the absolute value of it is almost impossible write only change can be calculated only change of internal energy can be calculated

calculated so I hope you understand thank you


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