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Calculate which of the two compounds – Calcium nitrate or ammonium sulphate has a higher.perceritage of nitrogen. [Ca=40, N=14, 0=16, S=32, H=1]

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello answer the question is calculated which of calculate pH of two compound calcium nitrate or Ammonium Sulphate has higher percentage of Nitrogen and we have a given the its mass for CA and Nitrogen Oxygen Sulphur and hydrogen letter start with the question we know that the percentage wise percentage by weight this is actually equals to wait upon Total weight Total weight in 212 8 into the dead latest total waiting hall in 200 now therefore we know that for a percentage of by weight of Nitrogen

Trojan in calcium nitrate status ride pan3 poultry rate percentage by weight of Nitrogen in calcium nitrate molecular weight of Nitrogen latest MW of Nitrogen this is actually working lamp in the given and some weight of Nitrogen in calcium in calcium nitrate so this will be required to weight of Nitrogen in call24 into 2014 G 28212 nitrogen and we know that weight of

only see no3 this is a quest to 160 for smaller weight in calculate so there for percentage by weight this is equals to 28 upon 164 in 202 17.0 3% read so this is for cano32 calcium nitrate and talk about percentage by weight in our second compound which is the Ammonium Sulphate so the formula for that is NH4 so4 old toys so4 write the formula for Ammonium Sulphate hair again we

know that weight of Nitrogen 14 grams and in this industry have weight of nitrogen is equals to so latest light weight of Nitrogen in old toys for this we have to nitrogen writers of the weight of this will be 28 grams again the weight for both the condition we have the same a now weight of weight of NH4 so4 en4all to ascertain so4 this will be actually 132 if you calculate percentage

percentage by weight this is equals to 28 upon 132 in 200 to calculate that this will be comes out 21.1 so hence percentage of Nitrogen in ammonium in this Ammonium Sulphate is higher than that of calcium so we can save his final answer is that Ammonium Sulphate is higher percentage of network thank you

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