Calculate their bond order `N_(2)^-`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone here is questions calculate their bond order of N2 - share in NO2 minus into that is 14 electron and when it except one electron from any other element so it becomes 259 we write to molecular orbital by the help of Molecular orbital theory we draw the year is Molecular orbital theory to calculate the bond order so here it is it is 415 electron so we made up block up to P element iritty Sigma one is and cinemastar ones here it is to explore

Sigma one is sorry Simar to receive and start to S I am naming I will naming it but here it is to be there it is Sigma ups and 2P why India is cinema 2pz Charity Sigma star 2px topi bhaiya and Seema 2pz start to sahi it is one is it is today's block and it is to keep up

yes Sigma one is Sigma star one is it is Sigma Sigma star Sigma Sigma 2px Sigma Sigma to Z star and Sigma star topi topi show coming to fulfill this block so we have 15 electron to feel feel so here it is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 in

so here it is fulfilled Mall Dell 15 electron calculate the bond order Formula 1 order is in B minor in a year in peace bonding electrons or any antibonding Sabhi calculate the bonding electrons so here it is 224 aur aur 8210 so here it is morning is 10 and we calculate antibonding so here to and to all cinema star is antibonding and Sigma that is without a star is born electron so it is easy to easy to calculate the so hair that is to electron present in Sigma star 2244 15 so here it is antibonding electrons so that is

1 by 2 into 5 so it's become 22.5 so here bond order of N2 -2.5 thank you

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