Calculate the total pressure in a 10 litre cylinder which contains 0.4g of helium, 1.6g of oxygen and 1.4g of nitrogen at 27C. Also calculate the partial pressure of helium gas in the cylinder. Assume ideal behaviour of gases. Given R=0.082 litre atm K1mol1.

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Give V=10litre,T=27+273=300K
Mole of He=0.44=01,Mole ofO2=1.632=0.5,
Mole of N2=1.428=0.05
Total moles =0.1×0.05+0.05=0.20
P'He=PM× Mole fration of He=0.492×0.10.2
P'O2=PM× Mole fration of O2=0.492×0.050.2
P'N2=PM× Mole fraction of N2=0.492×0.050.2
=0.123 atm .

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