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Calculate the standard enegry change for the reaction: <br> `OF_(2)(g) +H_(2)O(g) rarr O_(2)(g) +2HF(g) at 298K` <br> The standard enthalpies of formation of `OF_(2)(g), H_(2)O(g)`, and `HF(g)` are `+20, -250`, and `-270 kJ mol^(-1)`, respectively.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
`DeltaH^(Theta)(Reaction) = sum H^(Theta) (Products) -sum H^(Theta) (Reactants)` <br> `= [2xx H_(HF(g))^(Theta) +H_(O_(2)(g))^(Theta)]-[H_(OF_(2)(g))^(Theta)+H_(H_(2)O(g))^(Theta)]` <br> `H^(Theta)` of free elements `=0 :. H_(O_(2))^(Theta) = 0` <br> `Delta_(f)H^(Theta) = H^(Theta)`, i.e. standard heat of formation = standard heat enthalpy of compound <br> Also `Delta_(f)H^(Theta)` for `F_(2)O` is `+ve, Delta_(f)H^(Theta)` for `H_(2)O` is -ve, (`:'` heats of combustion are exothermic) <br> `DeltaH_(R)^(Theta) = [2xx (-270) +0[20 -(-250)] =- 310 kJ` <br> Now, `DeltaH^(Theta) = DletaU^(Theta) +DeltanRT` <br> `Delta_(r)^(Theta) = -310 xx 10^(3) J, Deltan = 3 - 2 =1` <br> `R = 8.314J, T = 298K` <br> `-310 xx 103 = DeltaU^(Theta) +1 xx 8.314 xx 298` <br> `:. DeltaU^(Theta) =- 312477.5 J = - 312.4775 kJ`


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answer the question is calculate the standard energy change for the reaction reaction Governor and the standard enthalpy of formation of O2 F2 H2O and HF given the first of all we have to calculate standard energy change for the reaction so for that let se insta one step on we will calculate calculation of standard enthalpy of reaction that is delta H and delta delta check not equal to summation of delta HF not of product product - of the mission of delta HF not of react and react to write all the values are given as for auto product is O2 and HF this will be Delta HF not of

2 and + of two times as to adjust photo Delta HF notto acha and subtracting with the Delta apps not sorry Delta HF not at this is for us to and plus of the one where we can write delta H F not and to H2O forest to so if you put the values are equal to forward to it will be zero at the time neutral standard - of 270 and this will be plus of sorry - 9 - of plus 20 for web and again we are plus of - 250 so this value will be equal to minus 310 kilo joule per mole it so we have

standard enthalpy of reaction now now we will calculate the second one that is calculation of the standard and internal energy change for the given reaction so we can write first of all time and G idle time there is a total number of moves on product and them so they will be at se oneplus 2 and minus of 1 + 1 Mol of we can say that protect - of moles of their Pradesh will be dealt a and b is equal to 1 and we know that delta H is equals to attach not it is equals to Delta e not plus of delta NG Aarti and you can see also said that are you so we can write that as we have to calculate delta in not so this will be caused

h not - of delta and Ji Aarti so this will be equal to minus of 310 we have calculated for joule per mole and subtracting this with - of delta and we have one into it what is 8.314 into 10 raise to power minus 3 for kilojoule and the temperature in this case it is 298 this will be equal to minus and 312 point 4 8 kilo joule per X dance for the question thank you

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