Calculate the percentage of water molecules in hydrated calcium sulphate . <br> [Ca=40 , S=32 , O=16 , H=11]

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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welcome to dog not in this situation of about the calculate the percentage of water molecule in hydrated calcium sulphate for stop all write down the formula of hydrated calcium sulphate is formula is here it is a 4.2 if we want to the percentage percentage of water molecule water molecules then it is equal to the hair mass of water mass of water in molecule in molecule / molar mass

molecule molecule in 200 then here it contain two water of crystalline fear of water mass of towards it is equal to one molecule of pentane 18 gram here to Hindu 18 it is equal to 36 gram of 2 moles of H2O 8 contain 36 gram and molar mass of molar mass of caso4 it is equal to 40 because

qualimark is 40 + 32 + 4 into it is 16 because mass of oxygen am in C plus it is to water molecule containing days 36 so here it is totally total it is equal to 172 G so here percentage of water molecule it is equal to 36 / 172 in 200 so it is equal to 36 / 172 it is equal to approximately it is equal to 20.9 % it is 20.9 3 percentage is

the percentage of water it is the percentage of water molecule water in calcium hydrated calcium sulphate it is a 4.2 answer thank you have a nice day

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