Calculate the entropy change at 298K for the reaction
ΔH=29.3kJat298K. The entropies of Br2(l),CI2(g), and BrCI(g) at the above temperature and 152.3,223.0 and 239.7Jmol1K1 respectively.


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calculate the entropy change at 298 Kelvin for the reaction Sofia reaction given here and here we are having value of delta H so it is seen that the interface of the beid to cl2 and HCL at a temperature that is at 298 Kelvin it is given us respectively that we have to calculate entropy change the first of all you be right there in Trophy separately so let's say we have given us for we are so as for VR it is for PR to 150 2.3 similarly for CL to this is 223 and we have as 4pr cl2 39.7 to 39.7 now these are given the given data we have a given temperature for temperature we are having
298 Kelvin rate the entropy change for the reaction if we calculate that what is it it is the we can write Delta S Delta s not for product - of delta not for react and it felt as not for reactor let se Deewar order type not was not Virtual tour spot for br2 from here if we write the values solid hds2 fall Delta this will be equal to for product side we are able to get the reaction A to B at feel pressured me to n2s not of a real and minor software and this will be as not of br2 plazo as not
real to add As given in the question so if we put this value so this is 2 into 2 39.7 - of 223 + of 150 2.3 12 = 210 4.4 June Mall K tried this is our deltas and we know that the question is asked entropy change so this is our Delta S now we can say that the we have to calculate entropy change so the entropy change for the reaction it is 104.4 Joule per mole K thank you

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