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Calculate the efficiency of pa...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello astron share question is giving calculate the efficiency of packing of packing in case of metal crystal hair question is given calculate the efficiency of packing in case of a metal crystal for simple cube second age body centred cubic and third is face centred cubic with the example that atoms are touching each other atoms are touching in each other ok according to the concept of we know that packing efficiency packing efficiency can we know that volume of total atoms volume of total atoms atoms upon volume of unit cell volume half unit sale your answer in

200 in 200 ok we know that here volume volume of units in the simple cubic unit cell first aid for simple cubic unit cell simple essay simple cubic unit cell packing fraction a packing efficiency of packing efficiency equal to what we know that in simple cubic unit cell one atoms and one in two atoms are a spherical atoms are spherical so that value Mein 435 RQ Upon A few in volume of unit cell is a cube with no that air is equal to 2 are we put the value equal to 2 H for simple cubic unit cell that will be a 4 by 3 IR Kyon upon to a to the power 3 that will be when we calculate the value it will be 5 by 6 into 102

102 102 108 will be value 52.3 3% 2.33 % that will be value 52.3 3% ok but in the case of body Centre cube second question age for body Centre cube for BCC body Centre kitne what is entity hair packing efficiency packing efficiency equal to in the BCC total atoms equal to 22 and 24 B 35 RK and 200 upon hair we know that here equal to a equal to four hour upon root 3 for upon root 3 we put the value here for our upon root 3 hair 85 rkn 200 upon 3 upon their 482 upon 3 to the power

3 to the power 3 that will be When We calculated that will be value here 68% 68% and forth the FTC and for the sea of question is game for fcc fcc unit cell packing efficiency equal to total atoms in fcc at equal to 4 into 4 by 3 atmosphere show volume of the square is 435 RQ up in 200/201 in the fcc equal to 2 root 2 are equal to know that a equal to 22 are we put the value hair 16/5 RQ n200 upon upon 3 upon here Turu Tu Turu Tu h to the power 3 that will be value

when we calculate this value it will be 74% it will be 74% this is the answer ok for simple cubic packing efficiency of 52.3 3% for BCC 68% and for fcc it will be 74% is it answer thank you


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