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Calculate the change in molar ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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2.4 kJ/mol`-2.4` kJ/mol`1.7 kJ//mol``-1.7` kJ/mol

Answer : C
Solution : For an isothermal process: dG = VdP `rArr DeltaG = intVdP = int (nRT)/P.dP` <br> `rArr DeltaG = nRT ln P_(2)/P_(1) = 1 xx 8.314 xx 293 ln 2/1 = +1.7 kJ//mol`

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hello bhai given question please calculate the change in Gibbs energy of carbon dioxide gas at 20 degree Celsius when it is isothermally compress from one bar to at 20 degree celsius is equal to 23 + 2293 pressure that is given as 1 bar pressure 7s now to find the energy given that it is isothermal compressibility me in temperature contact we know that small

Indian gas free energy equal to minus temperature is it will be zeros to disturb become so we will be equal to now we find that we have to integrate basic integration of we now we know that ideal gas TV is equal to nrt show from here volume will be equal to n r by equation widget is equal to integration of an equal to is constant

I want to show it and near Allen to buy number of 1 mole in 2.3.4 temperature is 293 Kelvin and X is used to divide by Delta G is equal to 168 8.5 joule per to close only get nearly

1.7 kilo joule of energy will be equal to 1.7 number 3 will be correct and all other options are incorrect I hope you understand thank you

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