Calculate the average, the RMS and the most probable velocities of nitrogen molecules at S.T.P.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

¯u=4.54×104 cm s1,u=4.93×104 cm s1,α=4.03×104 cm sl


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hello student question is calculate the average RMS and most probable velocity of Nitrogen gas nitrogen molecules at STP in this question we have to calculate the average RMS that is root mean square and the most probable velocity of Nitrogen molecule that super policy calculate the average speed the average speed formula to calculate the average that is under root eat Aati upon 5 Where are the sea gascon TC temperature and M is the molecular mass of the gas now if you see
STP conditions are given activity conditions are the temperature is 273 Kelvin and pressure is one atmosphere that used to be condition so if we calculate the average speed we average so that will be equal to under root 8 r t r value is 8.3 14 June for moon for K into temperature at 273 k / Pi M Pi is 3.14 and Molecular mass for nitrogen 28 form in we have to convert this into kilograms to cancel out unit because 1 June
that is equal to kg metre square per second square tabhi will convert is molecular mass into kg that will be zero point 028 kilogram for this value it will be 0.028 kg per moon and that is equal to we are fridge will be equal to under root on calculation this it will be 2065 26.11 calculate is understood that will be 450 now if you see the unit cancellation that will be K is cancelled by for K for mole bye for now we have Jhule and value of Joule is kg metre per second square it means kg is cancelled by kg and
we have left that is m square for second square it means its value will be under root m square per second if you take the under root of M kar per second square for that will be m for the average speed that is in 450 4.4 metre per second the average speed of the nitrogen molecules at calculate The RMS that is root mean square speed to calculate The RMS velocity Aarti the formula is under root 3 Aarti by M similarly 30 value under root 3 RTR values
8.314 so we will write jhul as kg metre square per second square into temperature 273 K divide the molecular weight of Nitrogen that is 0.028 kg for more K is cancelled by sorry there should be formal for K also is cancelled by this formal buy for more kg by kg and on calculating this on dividing this value this will be equals to under root 24318 4.5 in metre square for second square this value comes out to be 493 point 13 metre for root mean square velocity of the nitrogen molecule that now we have to calculate for the the most probable
most probable speed which is tetanus vrml sorry vmps under root 2 Aarti Pi sexy putty value of r t and M here that will be 8.314 Jude per K per move and joule is kg metre square for checking a k or more into 273 Kelvin / M that is 0.028 kg for formulas cancel paper for KG per kg and for K by calculating there it comes out to be
40 2.64 metre for most probable speed on velocity of the nitrogen molecule that so these are the average vrms and Li MPS of the nitrogen molecule that I hope you understood that thank you

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