Calcium hydroxide and ammonium chloride react to give ammonia as per equation: <br> `Ca(OH)_(2) + 2 NH_(4)Cl to CaCl_(2) + 2 NH_(3) + 2 H_(2) O ` <br> In a reaction, `5.35 `g of ammonium chloride were consumed . Calculate <br> The mass of calcium chloride formed.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
Solution :
Mass of `CaCl_(2)=5.5g`


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hello calcium hydroxide and ammonium hydrochloride react to give Ammonia as per equation we have girl calcium hydroxide + Ammonium hydroxide gives calcium chloride cacl2 plus two Ammonia 22.35 ammonium chloride calcium chloride is latest write a reaction first so the reaction where is CA old toys plus of two nh4cl to nh4cl cacl2 cacl2 to NH3 + O2 reaction what we have a letter just find first molar mass super

molar mass of the compounds of molar mass for nh4cl nh4cl this is equals to 50 3.5 gram per mole for BSNL to BSNL to this request 111 for 3 nights of coronavirus 3217 gram per mole how to talk about the moles of first of all nh4cl so O nh4cl is in the question it is given that injection 5.35 G of ammonium chloride with NaCl where consume it so the given mass of

5.35 mole of NaCl will be given mass that is 5.35 upon its molecular mass that is a 53.5 so this is equals to zero one so value of mall for nh4cl is 0.1 question is the real question is the mass of calcium chloride is formed so the mass of cacl2 is formed to moles to moles of nh4cl react to give one mole of bacl2 song Tum also to mall of nh4cl reacts to give 1 Mol of cacl2 from here 0.1 Mol of

nh4cl zero point energy will give it will it will give 1 by 2 and 0.1 rate this is actually cause 20.05 this is the moles of HCL 2.1 mole of 0.05 molar cacl2 rate so the question asked that the find the mass of calcium chloride form and we know that the cost of given mass upon its molar mass tried so we have moles we have more which is equals to a given mass let's a given mass will be X upon its molar mass that is 111 100 marks required is for the Mass Mass required this is equals to

0.05 marks required or you can read this will cause 20.05 into 1118 and this is equals to 5.55 G vacancies at 55 the mass of calcium chloride formed is 5.55 G thank you

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