`C_(8)H_(10)` has total number of isomers containing benzene ring equal to `:`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello Swarg question 8 class 10 has total number of isomers containing benzene to know what is having molecular formula having different arrangement of atoms are those which are having molecular formula but having different arrangement of atoms try to draw the structure of a tester with all the isomers and it will be a benzene think it is attached to a style that is 28 2012 of having to CSE at the adjacent pollution of the carbon if you try to talk third in which have to CST

separated by one carbon atom have to CS3 at opposite to each other its name is BTS v and the name of 2nd December is for third is better and put his para from second option that is 4 is the total number of molecular formula

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