Brine is electrolysed by using inert electrodes. The reaction at anode is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`Cl^(-)(aq) to 1//2 Cl_2(g) + e^(-) , E_("cell")= 1.36V``2H_2O (l) to O_2(g) + 4H^(+) (aq)^(+) 4e^(-) , E_("cell") = 1.23 V` `Na^(+) (aq) + e^(-) to Na(s) , E_("cell") = 2.71V``H^(+)(aq) + e^(-) to 1//2 H_2(g) , E_("cell") = 0.00V`

Answer :
Solution :
Although oxidation potential of `Cl^(-)` ion is higher than that of `H_2O`, yet oxidation of `Cl^(-)`ion takes place in preference to `H_2O`. This is because due to overvoltage of `O_2`, much higher potential is needed for oxidation of water.


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law students with the question is blind in a easy electrolyte so brand is electrolyte by using an inert electrode of the reactions at an order age CEO Brian is basically a NaCl and if using a NaCl in molten state in a molten state in that condition this initial break in a n a positive and in the process of electrolysis from here cl2 gas will be formed at an odd even be happen in anodic oxidation will take place and that a 49a for a year now and then I will be go in and we see a native and and cathode for capital c for cat time to time means and a positive and O positive will be both their list simple trick to remember when and where the time will go so kathode kathode table the time that I will be in cathode and anode and I will be in an hour 3

the screen will happen here to oxidation of chlorine by by lowering of electron spin of electron will happen here so that will lose electrons in an atom convert into a half of cl2 gas and place of captain will be there so if you see the option carefully not of this four options for auction is a right answer this question that electrolysis in electron the reactions at anode is negative is converting to cl2 gas while using on electron I hope you understand this concept

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