Updated on:30/05/2023

Bond order 2.5 is not observed in



hello everyone here the question is bond order 2.5 is not observed in so in this question we will find out the bond order and there is a trick for the molecule having atomic number between 10 to 18 and will find out the bond order for this range of molecular weight 14 15 16 17 18 and 13 12 11 and 10 these are the molecular weight and for 14 molecular weight the bond order here is 3 and decrease it by point 5 and same here that is 2.5 to 1.5 and one now we'll find out the molecular weight of each molecule
ok so here in first one or two positive and O2 has the molecular weight 16 and O2 positive positive means loss of one electron that is 15 year bond order of O2 positive is 2.5 next one is an that has a no has molecular weight that is 7 plus a that is 15 Uno also has bond order of 2.5 TSI to the molecular weight of Co2 is 6 plus 6 at is 12 and the bond order of C2 is to now into positive as and two positive that means N2 has 14 electrons and N2 positive positive means there is loss of one electron so 13 again now the and two positive also has
2.5 bond order now from here only C2 has bond order to as compared to these three molecules so correct option here is option 3 which has bond order

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