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Class 12






Test 5


BeS0_4 is readily soluble in w...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Beo is purely acidic in natureBeS`0_4` is an ionic compound with very high polarising power of BeBe exhibits co-ordination number more than 4Greater hydration enthalpy of B`e^2+` overcomes the lattice enthalpy factor

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aur question is beso4 is soluble in water because option 1 b e o is acidic in nature option to be an ionic compound option 3b exhibit coordination number 414 option code greater hydration enthalpy of us to discuss this 4 release date of all we know that our point number 1 the lattice enthalpy that the lattice enthalpy of alkaline earth metal alkaline earth metal selfie

the given compound we know that the lattice enthalpy of alkaline earth metal sulphates is constant due to this record due to large size too large size of complete of sulfate and the solvent ATI cited by it is decided by hydration enthalpy

hydration enthalpy which is decreases on moving down a group on moving down the group and 2 + and magnesium + B2 + 22 + have Greater Greater hydration enthalpy which overcome which overcome which overcome the lattice energy factor and

that's why there sulphate are soluble in water services are soluble in water so so they are soluble in water because of the following reasons to be so4 is readily soluble in what we call our option is Greater Greater hydration enthalpy of weakness to overcome the lattice enthalpy of this court is our correct option

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