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Class 12






General Principle And Processes Of Isolation Of Elements


Below point 'A' FeO can ______...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

be reduced by carbon monoxide only.Be reduced by both carbon monoxide and reduced by carbon onlynot be reduced by both carbon and carbon monoxide

Answer : A
Solution : (a) Below point A Gibbs free energy change for the formation of `CO_(2)` from `CO Delta_((Co,CO_(2))^(@)` has lower value (more negative value) than Gibbs free energy change for the formation of `FeDeltaG_((Fe,FeO))` Hence, FeO will be reduced by CO only below point A.


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let me explain it to you Bro point they can be reduced by carbon monoxide can be reduced by carbon only by the that ellingham diagram in which we are having the values of The Delta G for the particular the respect to the temperature right and we have to tell first quality observe this is the graph that is typically getting oxidized to have to tell me have to tell the reduction thing that we want it to be reduced back into the at least that what is the reducing agent that they would be taking Delta G value should be waiting eagerly less than the Delta value of this reaction in which AC is getting converted to ITO

for those cases we can fix for reducing agent the observed over have been the first graph for the formation of carbon monoxide from Kargil this is basically having more than the Delta value for that of the cannot be the case to be cannot take for hair like this graphically about the next that we are having hair the next one is this basically the second one here also the Delta G value is 9 more than the Delta G value of this particular active reaction but if we observe this last graph which is starting from here there isn't one of them is acting with Oxygen and Carbon dioxide to this reaction is clearly that delta

let's panel that Delta G value for the conversion of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is less than the Delta iron into iron oxide ok therefore we can say that help carbon monoxide which to reduce CO2 ok so what will be the correct answer overhead even if I want to see a reaction that if we are taking Iron and they are just taking iron oxide and we just make it react with carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide will be producing more into this is the reaction that is possible that is that it can be reduced only by carbon monoxide thank you


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