Balance the following equation : <br> `S + H_2SO_4 to SO_2 + H_2O`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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H2 S o4 8 phone to draw the table form here it is the table it is on the year and here it is the product of elements are sulphur sulphur hydro

number of Sulphur atom here is one oneplus one is here and hydrogen is here to and oxygen here is 4 sulphur here is one and hydrogen here to and oxygen 2 + 2 + 1 SO2 + 1 + 1 first of all oxygen here it is 4 then if we multiply it by to that it is the oxygen is the value then then it is the oxygen is the balance and if we x

can not valency of hydrogen is equal to hair hydrogen is 4 hydrogen is 4 so what is the value of x to the end it is also it is equal to four but also that the board that the world and the world if we want to the valence share of the hydrogen is balance there but sulphur is not valence there so hair sulphur is total it is total sulfas Arthur 3 year only sulphur is present in this x 3 and

Kalpa is balance and hydrogen is also balance in both b but is not balance because if x is then here so it get X 38 ek number of oxygen hair plus two it is plus two it is 88 molecule of X in the products they are only as oxygen are as the balance balance

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