Balance the equations : `C_2H_4 + O_2 to CO_2 + H_2O`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Solution :
`C_2H_4+3O_2 to 2CO_2+ 2H_2O`


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Shuklaji Ab To balance equation 3284 ho to give the Co2 H2O so was first report write the number of atoms at regicide so there to is carbon is to hydrogen and oxygen is too as seen in other side of the reaction and RH side carbon is 1 -2 n sorry hydrogen and oxygen s43 sorry to hear it is to inherit is one so now what we have to do class we have to Band set so therefore we will use only trial-and-error technique to make first carbon similar we need 2 x 2 equal to hear it gets x 2 but when it gets X the oxygen as well sunao

it gets X oxygen so 2 into 2 + 1 The Count of oxygen becomes 5 now we have to balance hydrogen peroxide Ab To balance hydrogen be multiplied by 2 to become for hydrogen gas X to so now the oxygen counter box in becomes 6s this oxygen gets X to so now it becomes 2 into 2 + 1 into to this one of oxygen Kaun X to should become 6 so now that become 6 and it becomes too we get v x 3 x x x 3 class Hence a reaction is the following the simple trial and error technique thank you class

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