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Class 11






P-block Group 13 - Boron Family


B_(2)H_(6) and B_(4)H_(10) res...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Nido and arachno boranesNido and clso boranesCloso and arachno boranesNido boranes

Answer : a

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hello everyone so the question is saying we 286 and b4s 10 respectively are example of right so we have the option to an urgent Robert De Niro and closer and closer and action of that between 6 and b4h 10 their form of Berlin and if we write the general Formula for arduino and close a boring so we can write that general formula general formula for first of all nido nido borane close and are you know all the three every right to general formula for close to it is actually B and h n and 2 - but if you observe in the two there is no negative charge present on any one of them so we can say that close oven options are not correct right

now we talk about option A and option C sorry option be so a bit awkward what do you can say general formula for any Dobara so it is actually B and h n + 4 and in case of Aaj Innova rent it is be an at an ex 8 so if you put me to write here so if b is equals to 2 so it is b2h 6 which means that be 286 belongs to L born in and hence we have left with Abhi for so if we put before right here it is B4 at 10:00 it which means that we 4810 belongs to ask anova and so what we can say that we can say that we 283 can be forest in a respectively are example of needle and are Janu boranes for correct option for this question it is option A thank you

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