(a)Why are the elements of group `18` known as noble gases?<br> (b)Noble gases have very low boiling points why? <br> (c ) Does the hydrolysis of `XeF_(6)` lend in a redox reaction?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
The elements present in Group 18 have their valence shell orbitals completely filled and, therefore, react with a few elements only under certain conditions. Therefore, they are now known as noble gases.


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hello friends the question is why are the elements of group 18 and known as noble gases and department noble gases a very low boiling points by and its third past is the hydraulic their actions that all these gases have Google gases have mobile gases have a nice to np6 type of their their valency shell is completely filled their valency shell is completely their valency shell is fit and therefore there in no hurry therefore they are in no hurry for Bond formation therefore no hurry of Bond formation Hari of bonds

how are you know want a bond formation of Bond formation big do not react with the do not on the really react they do not react much and are known as Noble metal Noble noble gases and hence known as noble gases into the second part the second part of the that why do the noble gases have group very low boiling points how we will look at it because because since they are not reactive since they are non reactive they are non reactive

did do not have any intra tomic they do not have they do not have any from inter inter atomic they do not have any strong into atomic forces and because they do not have any strong interatomic did they tend to boil very easily therefore they have boiling point very less they have boiling point very not part of the hydrolysis of xef6 Lene rate of reaction during that the reaction was a complete hydrolysis on complete hydrolysis what happened at the reaction if gf63 H2O will give me xeo3 xeo3 + 6 sem HF now

let's look at the oxidation state what was it here it was class 6 and again it was plastic so it remained + 62 class 6 hence there was no change in oxidation state it is not

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