Atomic orbitals of bonded atoms combine to form molecular orbitals. The number of molecular orbitals formed is equal to the number of atomic orbitals taking part in the bond formation. When two atomic orbitals combine, two molecular orbitals are formed one of which has lower energy than the combining orbitals and is called bonding Molecular Orbital (MO). Whereas the other having higher energy than the two combining atomic orbitals is called Anti Bonding Molecular orbitals (ABMO) The two combining atomic orbitals must have comparable energies and should be properly oriented to allow considerable overlapping. If the overlapping is end to end along internuclear axis, the molecular orbital is called sigma and if the overlapping is lateral 1.e., sidewise the molecular orbital is called pie. Just like atomic orbitals, the molecular orbitals also have varying energy levels. Filling of electrons in molecular orbitals takes place following the same rules as followed for filing of atomic orbitals. The order of filling may not be same for all the molecules or their ions. Bond order is a useful parameter for comparing the various characteristics of molecules.
In the formation of N+2 from N2, the electron is removed from


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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σ orbital
π orbital
σ orbital
π orbital
The correct Answer is A


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