At equilibrium degree of dissociation of SO3 is 50% for the reaction 2SO3(g)2SO2(g)+O2(g). The equilibrium constant for the reaction is


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hello everyone had a question is at equilibrium degree of dissociation of so3 is given that is 5350 % for the reaction the equilibrium constant for the reaction is first of all the reaction here is to so3 will give rise to to SO2 + O2 consider initially number of moles of so3 present r1100 moles of SO2 and O2 are present at equilibrium some of the moles of so3 dissociated and converted into products and here there are two moles of so3 participated in the reaction to Times of X Mol dissociated and teased associated Mol converted into products so here it will be 2x and here it is x here the degree of dissociation of so3 is given that is 2x here is
50% from here to X is equals to 50 / 100x associated moles are one by putting the values here one minus 2 into 1 by 4 2 into 1 by 4 and here it is 1 by 4 now the equilibrium concentration of so3 is 1 by 2 for SO2 it is 1 by 2 and forward to it is 1 by 4 now we'll find out the equilibrium constant as equilibrium constant is equals to concentration of the product / concentration of the reactant what is concentration it is equals to number of moles / volume hair volume is not given so will consider one litre putting the values here here the equilibrium concentration of O2 is 1 by 4 for SO2 it is one by two
there is a store cometic official present and it will be the bar / for S3 it will be one by two to the whole square because there is also a stock commity Coefficient present and from here K C is equals to 1 / 4 that is 0.0 25 and the correct option sorry it is 0.25 0.25 and the correct option here will be option to

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