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At constant temperature 80% AB...

At constant temperature 80% AB dissociates into `A_2` and `B_2`, then the equilibrium constant for `2AB(g)⇌A_2(g) +B_2(g)` is ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A(p, q, s), B(q, r, s), C(r, s,t ), D( r, s, t )


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hello everyone in the question is at a constant temperature at 80% ab dissociate into A2 and B2 right then the equilibrium constant for to AV and Associate in A2 + B2 is we have to form the found the equilibrium constant for this equation right so if you right here to AV wind associate it forms A to Z it is gas and B2 so initially at times 0 it is formation of compound ab2 and formation of a 22 is zero at initial and time at equilibrium it is formation of K2 is alpha and beta is also called one mole of both has formed so here it is associate 1 minus alpha and deliver to because I had to fall off

Subah where I'll find you are Alphas dissociation dead which value is given at 80% so we read write and in 0.8.8 because it is given that is 80% David associated so total total most is equal to 2 - 2 alpha plus Ultra Plus Alpha that gives us to night so we write the equation for equilibrium constant and we know that equilibrium constant is repeated represented by Casey which is equal to the concentration of product quality course concentration of product molecules open concentration of reactant that so concentration of product on concentration of reactant that is a b whole square

put all the values that concentration of Ab A2 and B2 is Alpha Alpha Alpha square upon year 2 into 1 minus Alpha Alpha square upon 4 into 1 minus Alpha square foot in the values of Alpha that is 0.8 whole square upon 4 into 1 minus 0.8 0.2 malleshwara doctor solving this we get the value of KP which is equal to four Sohail so the equilibrium constant for the reaction is for thank you

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