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At constant temperature 60% AB...

At constant temperature 60% AB dissociates into `A_2` and `B_2`, then the equilibrium constant for `2AB(g)⇌A_2(g) +B_2(g)` is ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : 7.9 kJ/mol


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hello everyone at the question is at constant temperature 60% ab dissociate into A2 and B2 then equilibrium constant for the reaction to every with dissociate into A2 and B2 Sohail the given reaction is too heavy and Associate it forms 82 and B2 guess so initially initially it is to endure it is 0 and 0 and at equilibrium at equilibrium it is 2 into 1 minus Alpha Alpha formation of 81 between alpha and so it is given that the dissociation is 60% it is the value of Alpha Alpha dissociation is value is

0.0.6 side is given it is 60% so we can I eat at 0.42 total mos total Mol after putting the value of Alpha we get to -2 Alpha sorry to -2 alpha + 4 + Alpha is equal to to survive to calculate the equilibrium constant that is KC we know that the concentration of product of molecules upon the concentration of reactant molecules ab so here it is and concentration of A2 and B2 atracurium is alpha so it is alpha square and it becomes a b is equal to the concentration of a b is equal to 2 into 2 into 1 minus Alpha squire

so here we putting the value of Alpha solving wicked Alpha square upon 4 into 1 minus Alpha squire 1 minus Alpha all is well so putting the value of Alpha that is 0.6 whole square upon 4 into 0.4 square it is 0.36 upon 4 into 0.169 constant of resolving we get the value of KC is 0.5625 thank you

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