Updated on:26/04/2023

At a particular temperature, a certain quantity of gas occupies a volume of 74cm3 at a pressure gas occupies a volume of 74 cm at a pressure 740 mm, what will be the volume of the gas at the same temperature ?


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decoration Saman at a particular temperature Resort quantity of a part of types of 74 cm 2740 and what will be the volume of the gas at temperature given to the question you are given the volume V 174 cm to write the pressure ki 1768 are you have to find out the volume to write the pressure T2 is decrease in the first time you have to find out the volume of the temperature is there will be applicable here right
constant temperature pressure is inversely related to volume one thing is for sure that you should be played equation that we use in walls were to solve the questions is P1 B1 is equal to p22 and we have the values of Pihu and can find out the value of V to I simply putting Diwali 767 is equal to 42 is going to be 76574 by 747 cancel out because you will be getting 76 cubes of the calculation was very simple right 76
please show will be decreased to 7:40 that is going to be the correct