At a certain temperature, the solubility of the salt AxBy is S moles per litre. The general expression for the solubility product will be


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hello students the question is at a certain temperature the solubility of the salt Ek why is this most per litre the general expression of causes solubility product will be in this question it is given at a certain temperature for liability of a salt that is why it is a smooth per l we have to calculate the general expression for the solubility product so Ek device is installed it will dissociate are HIV positive plus bi bi why negative sorry DX negative and it should be egg and dispose of 5 so that it start and the number of Ions will be balance now if the solubility
at the given temperature it is a so it will be 100 INR to 1 n y into 1 love the solubility product constant that is KSP it is the concentration of positive rays to Paris to symmetric efficient and the concentration of vs negative raise to power is to metric official that will be a very positive its concentration is X Into X raise to power and this is why yes why it will become access to per X and latest per Ek this is why is to provide a super so we can write data Express super x and virus to Powai and this will be raised by X + 5 = update instance of hours will get added to
this is the solubility product constant general expression for the this is the expression that is X raise to power x wide is to provide an HTC One X+ Y if we see which option will be correct to the auction will correct actress 2 part 1 virus to provide and essays to X + Y is the correct expression for this question correct answer I hope you understood the solution thank you

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