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Class 12






Test 4


At 27^(@)C, K_(p) value for th...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone the question is at 27 degree Celsius cap value for the reaction caco3 and associated into CA + CO2 is 0.1 ATM at Saudi casabella for this year so we know dirty relation between KP KP and KC is equal to KP equal to k c r t e to the power Delta NG NG change in the number of moles in gaseous form so here Delta energy is equal to the number here and in this section we see the reaction is CS yocket caco3 solid state in solid state from solid + CO2 gas near Saudi here only one product is gases in its in gaseous form so the number of mall number of mole in gaseous product gaseous

- reactant so guess number of graphic reactant Sohail in the reactants are there is no gaseous product in compound so the Delta energy is equal to 1 minus zero delta and Z is equal to 1 minus zero that is what so if we have their Ke Piche also given KP for the reaction at 0.1 ATM so we put here so K P is equal to Kaisi Aati power 1 K C is equal to K P upon Aarti Aarti so KP 0.1 and architect 0.0821 into temperature that is there temperature temperature at 27 degree Celsius

so we convert it into Kelvin Sofia 273 so it becomes 300 Kelvin right so it is 300 km so after this we get the value of KC that is 4 into 10 to the power minus 3 this is the value of KC for the reaction for correct option is option first thank you

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