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Class 12






Aiims 2006


Assertion : Change in colour o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

if both Assertion and Reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of the assertion.if both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct expalanation of the assertion if assertion is true, reason is falseboth assertion and reason are false statements.

Answer : c
Solution : Change in colour in due to the oxidation of alcohol with potassium dichromate. Oxidation of alcohols with `K_(2) Cr_(2)O_(7)` in dilute `H_(2)SO_(4)` (organs solution) <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `K_(2)Cr_(2)O_(7)` in presence of dilute `H_(2)SO_(4)` acs as an oxidising agent. it is conveted into chromice sulphate which is green in colour. <br> `underset(("orange"))(K_(2)Cr_(2)O_(7))+4H_(2)SO_(4) to K_(2)SO_(2) +underset(("green"))(Cr_(2)(SO_(4))_(3))+4H_(2)O+3O`


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hello we have been given a social and the basis of this assertion and reason we have to tell which of this statement is given change in breadth is used as a test for drunken driver and division is change in colour due to the complexation of alcohol with potassium diet assertion is given as that change in acidic solution of potassium dichromate by breath test for drunk and assertion is a because I did a test to detect the amount of consumption of that that is present between respiration is correct the moving on to that change in colour is due to complexation of alcohol with potassium dichromate change of colour

is due to oxidation of potassium dichromate in colour is due to tradition of oxygen dacian potassium dichromate to cr2 O7 to form acetic acid in presence in presence of H2 S o4 that is sulphuric acid reaction is as follows that is hair it is converted into Chrome colour is the reaction that is

K2 cr2 O7 A2 cr2 O7 + H2 S o4 will get that is not the solution of potassium dichromate is orange in colour form 24 so4 colour H2O + O2 and balancing equation we get 4 H2 S o4 and 4 of H2O and 3.2 during this reaction which chromium reacts with alcohol react with alcohol

in green colour is related to the level of oxygen in Hindi colour change colour when alcohol alcohol in the eggs and air alcohol in the assertion is correct but reason is incorrect because no complexation with of alcohol with potassium dichromate is taking place rather oxidation of alcohol is taking that means are assertion is correct but reason is so let us see the statement so

option number one is both assertion and reason R2 and reason is the correct text of the session this is wrong both a session and reason our true but reason is not a correct explanation of Lesson 9 assertion is true reason is called yet both assertion and reason for statement no so often number 3rd the correct answer thank you

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