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Class 11






The S-block Elements


Assertion: Be and Mg do not im...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertionIf both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertionIf assertion is true but reason is false.If both assertion and reason are false.

Answer : A


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doubtnut in this version of the beryllium and magnesium do not impact characteristic colour to the region is given that both beryllium and magnesium has higher ionization enthalpy beryllium and magnesium 5 lamb test plan and test it is due to the high ionization enthalpy Hai beryllium has

Sony configuration is 12282 and magnesium has 1222 PC and it is clear that it is fully filled orbitals outer orbital is fully filled fully filled as orbital field as orbital Aur Betaal this is the stable electronic configuration this is stable electronic configuration removing of electron from outermost shell is very difficult so it's ionization energy is

very high and on going down the group in the same beryllium and magnesium calcium and barium on going down the group size will be increases and ionization enthalpy will be decreases true but due to the small size and table electronic configuration IE of IE of beryllium and and magnesium is very high height so electron does not does not excited and when electron excited from the ground state and goes to higher energy cell then when it

back in the ground state and then it Amit wavelength in in visible sector then this is due to the visible sakta wavelength of visible text colour in the bonus plan but here it does not Ami Tor excited electron so this is the correct reason to change colour on the reason is the correct explain the attachment and attraction is the true attention is true and reason Alto true and reason correct explain the attached and so is the correct option because in a option it is given that both assertion and reason R2 and reason is correct explain the required to remove an electron from outermost shell in isolated gaseous state on this is the ionization enthalpy to Electronic

it is not stable of beryllium and is thank you


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