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Haloalkanes And Haloarenes


Assertion ( A) Phosphorus chlo...

Assertion ( A) Phosphorus chlorides ( tri and penta) are preferred over thionyl chloride for the preparation of alkyl chlorides from alcohols. <br> Reason (R) Phosphorus chlorides give pure alkyl halides.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Assertion and reason both are correct and reason is correct explanation of assertionAssertion and reason both are wrong statementsAssertion is correct but reason is wrong statementAssertion is wrong but reason is correct statement.

Answer : b
Solution : Asertion and reason both are wrong statements. <br> Correct Assertion Thionyl chloride le preferred over `PCl_(3)` and `PCI_(5)` for the preparation of alkyl chłorides from alcohols. <br> Correct Reason Thionyl chloride gives pure alkyl halide as other two products `(SO_(2)+ HCl)` are escapable gases.


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question given year is Ocean Phosphorus to write try and pant are preferred over thennai Chloride for preparation of alkyl chloride from alcohol reason is Phosphorus chloride ke pure and kaiyallide so option persons assertion and reason both are correct and reason is correct explanation of assertion S assertion and reason both are the wrong statement and third option is assertion is correct with reason is wrong statement put one is assertion is wrong but reason is correct statement so will take the assertion part first position is given that Phosphorus chlorides are preferred over talent arrives for the preparation of alkynes to external call which is not true this is not true so that true statement for the assertion is that Vinyl chloride chloride are preferred are preferred

for the preparation of for the preparation of Alka Chauraha alkyl chlorides from alcohol from alcohol so if we take reaction here of an alcohol with Vinyl chloride that cause I'm taking CH3 ch2 over at this is ethanol and I reacted with ethyl chloride that is associated to show the reaction should reaction will be CH3 ch2 CL right to this is the light and the byproducts rso2 Sulphur dioxide and HCL to these two are in the gaseous state drive these two are the gaseous form so it will escape to the atmosphere and pure alkyl halide will be formed so as Ocean is wrong and reason is also wrong that

Phosphorus chlorides are not giving pure pure alkyl halides rights to the both things assertion and reason are wrong so the correct option is the last option put option sorry the third option assertion sorry Das option is correct assertion and reason both are wrong statement so the answer is the second statement

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