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Assertion (A) : Covalent crystals have higher melting point.
Reason (R ) : Covalent bonds are stronger than ionic bonds.


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The correct Answer is
Assertion is correct since higher melting points of covalent crystals are due to network structures.
Correct (R): Covalent bonds are weaker than ionic bonds.
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hello students and melting point and are stronger than now we call this auction is both a and R is the correct expression of a option B if both and not the correct option CA is correct but I think correct option days both a and R is incorrect but is correct ok ok if it could be both and incorrect ok but which is the true of assertion assertion a assertion a saying that covalent crystal over and higher melting point ok vacancy in case of ionic and covalent or ionic and covalent bond energy more Vikas more force of attraction Ionic Ionic crystal
Anaconda crystal has more bond energy or more forces of attraction than covalent bond ok than covalent bond ok so it will have more more melting point and melting point that is the order of attraction to the energy required to break will be so they will be harder will be have high melting point So the ionic bond will have high melting point higher melting point as compared to compare two covalent bond to covalent bond OK where to buy ok so Aisa Nahin thank you have higher melting point it is
correct incorrect ok now what is saying reason it is there a stronger than what is the reason saying Risa have stronger than ionic bond because it is true that is the bond energy is larger than a free transfer of electrons Mumbai Mumbai transfer complete transfer of electrons ok complete transfer of electron means one is cation and other is it is electrostatic force of attraction it is electrostatic
electrostatic force of attraction OK it is electrostatic force of attraction which is Balraj much stronger than which is stronger than covalent bond ok stronger than covalent bond is formed by simply partial sharing of electrons and sharing of electrons Mumbai formed by Marshall Marshall sharing sharing of electrons ok 14 is more is more stable ionic bond is stronger Bond and covalent bond ok to the bond energy required to break the bond bond energy case of ionic bond energy greater than 400
kilo joule per mole ok and covalent bond and covalent bond what will be the pond energy award energy ranges from 15152 400 kilo joule per mole ok this is in case of covalent bond ok so what will be the answer is stronger than reason are also interact ok incorrectly is also incorrect ok so what is the answer to the final answer the question what are incorrect ok thank you

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