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Class 11






The S - Block Elements


Arrange the group 2 metal hydr...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students are today's question is are the group to metal Hydroxide in the increasing order of solubility in water so solve this question first know what are the group 2 elements so group 2 elements consists of beryllium and magnesium calcium strontium barium if we write the Hydroxide of the given compound so we have watched hole to for magnesium 80mg call to for calcium with ove Chhod Do Strontium we have a call to for barium we have BA

watch call to now we have to tell the order of solubility in water to to understand this we should first know something basic dissolving and ionic solids in water consists of two step first capital separation of operation of iron and check and it is solvation enthalpy how can we solve weighted and separation of iron it is known as lattice energy now as we go down the group so lattice energy

after group 2 elements decreases lattice energy decreases due to increase in size and also the solvation energy decreases but the difference of these to increase as we go down the group and therefore the solution factor dominates and due to which it solubility increases down the group will you get your order we can therefore write that is soluble than

MGR Chhod Do and it is a soluble than a soluble and insoluble then be a watch hole to thank you for watching the video

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