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Class 11






The S - Block Elements


Arrange the group 2 metal hydr...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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our question is arranged the group to metal Hydroxide in the increasing order of their basic strength of all we have to know about the group to element and we know that the group to element is alkaline earth metals and alkaline earth metal and the element of this category is beryllium magnesium calcium Strontium and barium and their Hydroxide is barium hydroxide

magnesium Hydroxide calcium hydroxide Strontium Hydroxide barium Hydroxide that on moving down Cena group size of atom increases size of the atom increases when size increases their Bond length between the item also increases and we know that hire Bond length higher Bond length have less strength

less strength to on the basis of this we can say that on moving down in a group Bond strength decreases Bond strength decreases so we can say that when we want stunt decreases which main basic strength basic strength increases means it gives it gifts and easily and watch and

easily so we have to arrange this compound in ascending order ascending order so the first one is barium Hydroxide this have more basic strength and William has less basic strength less basic strength more basic strength so William Hydroxide after that magnesium Hydroxide then calcium hydroxide Strontium hydroxide and then barium

Hydroxide this is the increasing order of their basic strength ok thank you

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