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Class 12






Jee Mains 2020


Arrange the following solution...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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(A) `gt (C) gt (D) gt (B)``(A) gt (D) gt (C) gt (B)``(B) gt (C) gt (D) gt (A)``(B) gt (D) gt (C) gt (A)`

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hello students Roshan says that are the following solutions in decreasing order of ok solution 2.01 molar HCL reaction is 101 bola NIOS fee of a point 0 1 molar solution is 4.01 molar ok to arrange in the order of us for this year to write the order of PS what will be the order of air pollution are options are point 0 1 molar HCL first we will write the all four options then we will compare the pH ok point reaction is 4.0 then what will be the option of the day 2013

and what is the day of the auction is point zero one molar NaCl these are the options ok these are the form of order of value for each value perseverative I will arrange in increasing order of HB w vs PS XPS what will be its real its pH will be its X + consideration is 10 ki power minus 2 and yes I will be equal to 2 = 2 2A and 2B 4b solution 8.01 molar in the concentration of waste -10 centration of 10 ki power minus 2 Y is equal to POS plus 2 - - -

log of West - log of 10 ki power minus five equal to two so what will be equal to pH pH equal to 14 - 14 - 2 = 212 ok this is equal to 12 what will be its pH pH Pashto 12 options 3.01 molar your OK what will be its yes yes will be equal to pH will be equals to 8 to 10 to 10 because they are not given values of because we're not given us so we will not be able to determine the eight exact value ok and we have been some component is 4.0 one Bhola NaCl salt of strong base and strong acid neutral solution neutral

pH will be equal to 7 what will be the order of order of order of PS will be able to use maximum who's the solution the component which have maximum period that is B 20 greater than greater than greater than greater than this is the order of Yash as we know us University proportional to pH so the order of order of greater than greater than be ok greater than greater than greater than be so this is the final question ok send me thank you

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