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Class 11






General Organic Chemistry


Arrange the following resonati...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : (a) (i) is most stable because it has no formal charges. <br> (ii) (III) is least stable because it has an `overline e-`deficient carbon. In (III), `C1` uses an empty `3d` orbital to accommodate a pair of `overline e^, s` which is not possible in the `C` atom. Thus, the order of stability is `(I) gt (II) gt (III)` <br> (b) (i) `(IV)` and `(V)` have greater number of convalent bonds , hence, these are more stable than either `(VI)` or `(VII)` . Furthermore between `(IV)` and `(V),(IV)` has no formal charges and hence is more stable than the `(V)` <br> (ii) `(VII)` is less stable than `(VI)` because in `(VII)` the positive charge is on oxygen, which is a more `EN` atom than carbon on which positive charge is present in `(VI)`. Thus, the order of stability is `(IV) gt (V) gt (VI) gt (VII)` <br> ( c) In the resonating structure of phenol as shown below, structure `(I)` and `(II)` are more stable than the others. <br> Structures `(III),(IV)`, and `(V)` are less stable due to charge separation and positive charge on oxygen atom. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Order of stability `rArr (I)=(II)gt(III)=(V) gt (IV)` <br> (I)and (II) `rArr` Unchanged structures <br> `(IV) rArr` More charge separation <br> Order of energy `rArr (IV) gt (III)=(V)gt (I)=(II)` <br> (III)and (V) rArr Less charge separation.

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apology letter analysed the stability criteria of the stability criteria is we have to identify that structure in which all the atom of the molecule is formal charge we are not having the structure in which there is zero charge on every atom to collect that structure on which the negative charge is coming over the most electronegative atom and deposit charges coming over the more or less electronegative atom provided that provided that the valency of each of the atoms on which the charge a present if satisfied that M update of each of the atom on the term

ok so 3rd criteria is there must be minimum on each item if the former charges on the atom is not equal to zero now considering these criteria of stability latest analysis structure in first then we can get there is no formal charges on it off on any of the atom present on Carbon note on chlorine ok above first structure according to statistics India will be more stable second and third structure that we can see that in the third structure we are having the carbon cation that can be heavy electron

around the which is not fulfilling the update of the carbon so we can say that our third structure will be the least stable structure and as such they will be intermediate between ok to myself clear thanks coaching have a nice day

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - CENGAGE CHEMISTRY ENGLISH Class 11 CHEMISTRY

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