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Class 12






Qualitative Inorganic Analysis


Aqueous solution of a salt 'A'...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`Cu^(2+)``Hg^(2+)` salt`Cu^(+)``Pb^(2+)`

Answer : A
Solution : <img src="" width="80%">

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the person is the position of the salt a when mixed with any veg solution and formed on the ground with potassium citrate obtained after building of the black president upon warming with that in any way to give the pungent smelling the resulting solution of a response to the ring test if it does not involve any gas is boy with you only have to identify these actions that we will be done and we will be able to answer the question of copper + 2 and particularly night is what happens at Uno 3 twice react

any leads to the formation of copper Hydroxide can be any of a rider can be any thing at the end of the new look at this question at the end it responds to the Bling ring test is performed fortnite read it consists of this iron is twice as a precipitate and what happened and erosion is the formation of any and all night and when does copper Hydroxide is it leads to the formation of copper from copper oxide water copper oxide which is formed is actually a black coloured respati write the black president at your pain is due to the formation of copper

you are basically this confirm that the salt is consisting of CU + right and sister CU + 2 and the resulting also consists of CU + to this means that the salt is going to consist of CU + what we will get an instant black president is filtered and dissolve in dilute H2 S o4 right to what happens is that when CPU is always in H2 S o4 it leads to the formation of cuso4 along with H2S right now what happens is that the resulting solution is a brown coloured with potassium ferrocyanide what happens in pad band with cuso4 react with k4fe CN 6 it lead to the formation

YouTube episode 76 right along with K 2 S o4 so basically the basically this episode is obtained is a form that are sold it is going to consist of the CU + I tried so there for the correct answer this question is going to be option one back all products

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