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P-block Elements


An example of a double salt is...

An example of a double salt is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

bleaching powder`K_(4)[Fe(CN)_(6)]``hypopotash alum

Answer : D
Solution : Double salts are addition or molecular compounds which are formed by two apparently saturated compounds but they lose pair identity when dissolved in water. The most common example of double salt is potash alum `K_(2)SO_(4).Al_(2)(SO_(4))_(3).24H_(2)O`.


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interpretation meaning to give an example of the Valsad to profit of 15% is bleaching powder than the aapki for efficient and I put on it with a potential difference between advocate and coordination of coordination compounds from the collection of atom and element which is The Identity of a new compound which is something completely different identity and properties from the constituting this is a bit different from there is being handled competition they are going to do that point and characterization and coordination entity is already looking coordination compounds is not answer coordination compound

coordination compound we're left with only bleaching powder and Potash alum Potash alum is basically a double fault because it containing following molecules Al in the form of with addition to the formula of the compound to be Potassium Sulphate ki 2 S o4 aluminium complete level 2 October 4 pole price with water filtration that it 2020 ringtone different atoms and molecules and but on dissolving they all look the identity and converted to individual company the characteristic of this morning and I'm not going to be an important alternator 88888 the addition of molecular compound which are formed by two apparently situated compounds and their characteristics feature is they lose

their identity when dissolved in a solvent when dissolved into table solvent Choda choda identification about double bed and Potash alum is going to be cool toys to bitly calcium chloride is an inorganic compound with the problem is not the answer because it is not losing its identity of computer with breathing underwater Discover calcium pm on calcium chloride hello it 2020

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