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Class 11






Chemical Thermodynamics


An endothermic process involve...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Spontaneous at higher temperature when `T DeltaS gt Delta H`

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an endothermic and increasing entropy show the conditions under which supports this would be feasible ok we have an equation Delta G is equal to Delta x minus 3 into it is called the gift helmholtz equation according to speak version if The Delta G of a process in negative it is spontaneous show the process Delta G should be negative by spontaneous process conditions it is an endothermic process or endothermic Delta Hai will be positive so it is given that increase in entropy of the

system entropy is increasing the entropy Delta is is also positive entropy keep on increasing the condition under which the process delta delta Hai minus 3 into Delta is so it is positive minus of delta is also positive is equal to plus mynsaw 3 into 10 tyre so if temperature is higher so Delta G is equal to delta H minus 3 into delta so

delta H is positive temperature if I become more negative Sudha negative value is higher at this area because of higher temperature to Delta G will be negative Japanese if temperature is high for an endothermic process delta H is positive Delta acid also positive temperature is high then if you follow these conditions Delta G is negative and The Prophecy continous thank you

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