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Class 9






The Periodic Table


An element belongs to the 3rd ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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everybody today question is and element belongs to the third period and group 3:30 of the periodic table is the number of valence electrons in the third period it is going to be the P block diagram of P block always starts with 32 been people so now we have a formula that has a number of Valence Electrons class 10th it is going to give us group number ok Heera group number is 32 find number of Valence Electrons number of Valence Electrons is going to be

what number is 13 13 - 10 3 so we are having number of Valence Electrons equal to 32 can also validate that I did this by taking an example from group 13 if I take an element is the first element of group of group 13 configuration it is 10 to 12 2 and 3 S1 because it has a large number of 53 electron in the outermost shell it it in the 30th second and third of the group 13 aluminium it is good to have the same number of electrons as it's in the same but we still need to write the electronic configuration to confirm it fits 18 to it has a atomic number of 13 it was too 12226 6 7 8 9 10

32 bit so here we having three valence electrons in the outermost l this is a dancer

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