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An amorphous soild A burns in air to form a gas B which turns lime water milky. The gas is also produced as a by - product during roasting of sulohide ore. This gas decolourises acidified aqueous KMnO4 solution and reduces Fe3+ to Fe2+ . Identify the solid A and the gas B and write the reactions involved.


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(i) Since gas 'B' is obtained as a by-product during roasting of sulphide, therefore, gas 'B' must be SO2.
(ii) Since gas 'B' is obtained when amorphous solid 'A' burns in air, therefore, amorphous solid 'A' must be sulphur, S8
(iii) Gas 'B' reduces acidified KMnO4 solution and reduces Fe3+ to Fe2+ salts as shown below :
Thus, solid 'A' = S8 and gas 'B' = SO2.
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