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Class 12






Alcohols,phenols And Ethers


An alkene CH_(3)CH = CH_(2) is...

An alkene `CH_(3)CH = CH_(2)` is treated with `B_(2)H_(6)` in presence of `H_(2)O_(2)` . The final product formed is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`CH_(3)CH_(2)CHO``CH_(3)CH(OH)CH_(3)``CH_(3)CH_(2)CH_(2) OH``(CH_(3)CH_(2)CH_(2))_(3)B`

Answer : C
Solution : `{:(CH_3=CH=CH_2+(CH_3)_2rarrCH_3CH_2CH_2BH_2),(" "darrCH_2CH=CH_2),(" "(CH_3CH_2CH_2)_3"B"overset(CH_3CH=CH_2)larr(CH_3CH_2)_2BH),(" "H_2Odarr3H_2O_2//OH^_),(" "3CH_3CH_2CH_2OH+B(OH)_3):}`


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hello everyone so as per asking this question a Falcon has a formula CH3 ch2 double bond ch2 is treated with B2 except in the presence and the final product in its final product was able to first but we do with questions then we get to know this product and alkenes with the formula CH3 Ch double bond ch2 will try to name this alkene and alkyne be called it as 12331 double bond is there means in and if I want to specify the question of double

118 on the first position it is after the fact that first carbon double bond is in the first position name is pro 1 in if I want to write is it directly without carbon and hydrogen that I can write it is this carbon with 1111 the initial position in the reaction they are saying that you have to treat with alkene with presence of H2O agent b2x 66 H2O this is an agent which is used for the hydroboration Oxidation reaction hydroboration

Oxidation reaction which is used for the hydroboration Oxidation reaction if you will see what is happening everything is short form HP who are hydro Pareshan Oxidation reaction if you win it is the hydroboration Oxidation reaction what is film 2016 suppose your credit for Carbon 23 and double bond is present at the carbon treated with motor H2O now water will break down into where is Mota Mota will break down into edge Plus and minus now my double bond is present my double bond is

here you can see there are two carbon this carbon content into hydrogen and this carbon contain one hydrogen know this post has to probability that it can attack here for idea it can attack share and see if this is a hydroboration Oxidation reaction and operation Oxidation reaction anti markovnikov rule is anti what is anti markovnikov rule is saying if you are provided with a negative part of your be agent will come where there is a more number of hydrogen atom if you will see on the same I am numbering is a C1 and C2 even has given his true hydrogen at 32 has won hydrogen then obviously

anti markovnikov rule and anti markovnikov rule is saying that if you are provided with the alkane than negative parted Crescent will come there there is a more number of hydrogen part is as it to open either it can come here whether it can come here but this even has a more number of hydrogen atom negative part will attack here and if you will see initially we are provided with this this carbon have the same problem with two hydrogen and this one hydrogen so my negative I will attached at this position because this country to hydrogen atom so when hydrogen will be there if you're interested in writing its name first but I have to

I have to prepare because one hydrogen is already there and welcome party ch2 ch2 ch2 name that this reaction then this is 1 2 3 Pro and note the first name is propan 1 OL and if you will see the option then option when is being used to interact

CH3 ch2 ch2 after this reaction we hold ch3chohcooh menspro 1 also its correct option for this statement thank you


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